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Apr 26, 2024

David has always been interested in Jeeps, while in college in the late 1990s, he was able to buy his first Jeep, a 1990 Jeep Cherokee. He started learning and exploring with that, after that was totaled in an accident, he then bought his 1984 CJ7, and his life changed forever.

David was born with a very rare peripheral neuropathy, which has affected his ability to be able to get around, so as his disability has progressed over the years, his Jeep has literally become his replacement for his legs. Allowing him to be able to get out and explore the areas that he would be otherwise inaccessible to him.

David has been deeply ingrained in the Jeep community for almost 30 years. He lived in Moab for 14 years where he was one of the organizers and planners for Easter Jeep Safari, he also was the Land Use Officer for the Red Rock 4 Wheelers for 13 years and helped to preserve and protect the trails around Moab. He now lives, literally, right next door to Sand Hollow in Hurricane, Utah.

David's passion and love for Jeeps is truly remarkable. He currently owns 8 older Jeeps or Willys. At least one from every decade from the '40s through the '90s. He is passionate about the older stuff. He also is a collector of Jeep memorabilia, and currently has the world's most complete Jeep grille collection. He has a grille from every model of Jeep made from 1941 to 2021. 65 grilles total. He also has a tailgate collection, with tailgates from 18 different models of Jeeps. All of this stuff is hanging in his garage which he's turning into a Jeep Museum.

In 2018 David have the opportunity to compete on the reality show, Truck Night in America. He had a wonderful time and met some great people through that experience.

Most recently, David has just written and a published a memoir about what it was like growing up disabled, and what got him into jeeping. The book is available on Amazon, in both digital format, or as a paperback or hardback. It is titled, "It's a Jeep thing... The Life and Adventures of a Disabled Jeeper"