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Jeep Talk Show

The Jeep Talk Show is about Jeeps by Jeep owners. Chuck, Wendy, Josh and Tony inform and entertain you about Jeeps, off road and the Jeep Lifestyle. New episode every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday! Publishing since 2010! Visit our site at

Sep 30, 2016

Josh takes a few minutes to speak with Rich Klien of Trail Hero.

Who is Trail Hero?

We are enthusiasts that want to make a difference in not just our sport but our local economy. We plan to use over 2 decades of off-road industry experience to tie together a community at risk of losing public land. With the help of all...

Sep 28, 2016

Just dial 302-202-1110, and enter in the code 219835

Join Tammy and Tony each week for the first ever Jeep call in show!

Gina from calls in to talk about trail food and a tragic

RV fire on their way back from beautiful Colorado.

In our second half Steve 4.3LXJ calls in to explain why his then girlfriend...

Sep 26, 2016

Leave comments for the show! Voicemail (530) 675-4102

Sep 21, 2016

Join Tammy and Tony where they talk to you LIVE every Tuesday at 8pm CT!

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Steve (4.3LXJ) and "New Jeeper" call...

Sep 19, 2016

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  • Ben from the off road podcast joins us as this weeks guest host!
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  • Radio Comm Tech - Dummy loads
  • The Mind of NickyG
  • Amazon You Bought What?!?!
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