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Jeep Talk Show

The Jeep Talk Show is about Jeeps by Jeep owners. Chuck, Wendy, Josh and Tony inform and entertain you about Jeeps, off road and the Jeep Lifestyle. New episode every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday! Publishing since 2010! Visit our site at

Jan 29, 2021

Josh, Tony and the Zoom People have a round table discussion about several #Jeep news stories.

Jan 22, 2021

Tammy believes it's as clear as BLACK and RED. Wendy says farewell while talking about snatch blocks. Josh calculates how many aluminum cans must be collected for the $75k #Jeep V8.

Jan 15, 2021

When you were 12 did you steal your grandma's #Jeep? Wendy asks, what are you Jeep goals this year? Tammy tells us how to get a couple of extra inches, a simple/cheap YJ lift. Which Zoom People has a 5 bay garage with a lift?

Jan 8, 2021

#Jeep Gladiator warranty work refused due to owner driving through mud?!?!? Wendy tells us what's it's like to wheel in the snow, on Gold Mountain. We ask the Zoom People if they've snow wheeled in Campfire Side Chat!

Jan 1, 2021

It's the first episode of #2021 Join Wendy, Tammy, Josh and Tony bringing you #Jeep news, information you can use, and entertainment as #JeepTalkShow begins it's 11th year!