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Jeep Talk Show

The Jeep Talk Show is about Jeeps by Jeep owners. Chuck, Wendy, Josh and Tony inform and entertain you about Jeeps, off road and the Jeep Lifestyle. New episode every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday! Publishing since 2010! Visit our site at

May 30, 2022

Stellantis to Plead Guilty to Emissions Fraud. Recent Study Reveals Data on Age, Gender, Income of Jeep Wrangler Owners. Good Jeep Times For a Good Cause. Trail Etiquette Do’s and Don’ts. #jeeptalkshow #giveaways

May 27, 2022

If You Go To Jeepfest - DONATE BLOOD! Grand Cherokee Recall! More Karma For a Teen In An XJ. Announce Winner of Northridge 4x4 Gift Certificate! #jeeptalkshow #giveaway

May 26, 2022

Tony and Chris bring you the latest 2nd Annual Jeep Talk Show Off-road Event information and then the long awaited interview with Justin of, FOX the shock people and so much more! #jeeptalkshow #giveaways

May 25, 2022

What is your favorite part of a jeep event? Badge of honor, or eye sore? Do you have all the tools to work on your Jeep? Latest info on the Jeep Talk Show off-road event! #jeeptalkshow #giveaways

May 23, 2022

Cost Of a Jeep In The First Quarter! Would You Press Charges Too? Stellantis CEO Drops Bomb On EV World! Plastic Fender Giving away a SET of NEXEN Tires this month! #jeeptalkshow #giveaways