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Jeep Talk Show

The Jeep Talk Show is about Jeeps by Jeep owners. Chuck, Wendy, Josh and Tony inform and entertain you about Jeeps, off road and the Jeep Lifestyle. New episode every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday! Publishing since 2010! Visit our site at

Apr 28, 2023

It was great speaking with fellow podcaster Wes Kibble.  Find out more about what 4x4 Canada Podcast does and some pretty in-depth podcast tech talk, it's not that bad, but if you have an interest in behind the scenes of podcasting you'll enjoy it.

Apr 27, 2023

2024 Wrangler Gets Power Seats? Chuck tears down 81 Scrambler. Must have for your Jeep,

Apr 26, 2023

We asked the following questions for our Zoom people to answer... If you had to replace your hood, would you upgrade it to a Rubicon hood? Are you going to EJS 2024 and be part of the JTS team? What do you use for off road navigation? #jeep #jeeptalkshow

Apr 25, 2023

Double Wide Jeep? Inspecting your Jeep after a trail run! Arrest Warrant Issued! “Must have STUFF” PowerTank!

Apr 21, 2023

Interview with Simon.  Simon is the National Sales Manager for Counteract. Counteract is the largest manufacturer of internal tire balancing compounds and the producer of Counteract Balancing Beads. Counteract has been an industry leader for over 25 years servicing the commercial trucking, off-road, powersports,...