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Jeep Talk Show

The Jeep Talk Show is about Jeeps by Jeep owners. Chuck, Wendy, Josh and Tony inform and entertain you about Jeeps, off road and the Jeep Lifestyle. New episode every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday! Publishing since 2010! Visit our site at

May 25, 2024

Josh is an avid Jeep enthusiast for over 15 years, virtually a nobody from the foothills of the Carolinas. Josh managed to build his dream jeep in less than 7 months and was invited to one of the largest jeep events in the world, by one of the largest suspension companies in the country. This is a true underdog story.

May 23, 2024

On tonight’s episode…

News story(s) GoTopless Day 1 dead, 2 injured!

Jeep Gladiator Update; Baxter Performance

Must have for your jeep; Patriotic Jeep TJ Sunshade Soft Top

May 22, 2024

Are You Attending the 4th JTS Annual Off-Road Event Texas?

Is your rig built to "wheel to go camping"... or "camp to go wheeling"? (top heavy or light and lean?)

Knowing what you know now... Would you do if different..? Would you buy a different model (Jk vs JL or TJ vs Jk, or JT etc) to go wheeling.

Listen to this...

May 21, 2024

On tonight’s episode…

News story(s) Jeep Axing the Grand Cherokee?

Newbie Nuggets gives us story on Jeepin’ friends and why you need them

Fabricating Frenzy Have you checked under there?

And in Must have STUFF for your Jeep! A Light for your JL Lift Gate

May 20, 2024

Jaimee hosts an all female round table to discuss women going off-road in their Jeeps. Questions, answers and advice from a woman's perspective.